Individual Coaching

Are you facing change in your journey through life? Are you questioning the choices you have made or do you want to broaden your horizons? Coaching empowers you to make decisions and choose the best path for yourself and your future.

Coaching gives you the opportunity to work on yourself to discover your hidden talents.


An old Hindu legend says that there was a time when all men were gods. But they abused their divinity so that the creator-god decided to deprive them of the divine power and hide it in a place where they could not find it. The big problem was then to find a hiding spot. When the minor gods were summoned to a council to resolve this problem, they proposed to bury the divinity of man in the earth. But the creator-god replied: « No, this is not enough, because man will dig and find it. » Then the gods said: « In that case, leave the divinity in the deepest oceans. » But the creator-god replied again: « No, because sooner or later, man will explore the depths of the oceans, and it is certain that one day
he will find it and bring it to the surface. » Then the lesser gods concluded: « We do not know where to hide it because there seems to be nowhere on earth or in the sea that man would never reach. » Then the creator-god said: « This is what we will do with the divinity of man: we will hide it deep within himself, because that is the only place he will never think to look. » Since that time, says the legend, man has been around the earth, he has explored, climbed, dived and dug in search of what is inside himself.

Clara Truchot, « Hatha Yoga »